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#Birds in our Charlotte yard today: Bluebird, Yellow Rumped Warbler checking out our new PB coated suet nuggets, and then a Chipping Sparrow getting kicked out of "Fly Through" feeder by a Tufted Titmouse ! Lots of Activity. https://t.co/WpmwnymJEn justmaryp photo
Congrats to our friend Justin Davis introducing Luke Combs at the Grammys!! https://t.co/P9v7xSoUXk justmaryp photo
I just joined @SouthernEqual & @EqualityNC in urging #NorthCarolina's Senators to reject #SB49, an anti-LGBTQ+ bill that would censor curriculum and force teachers to "out" LGBTQ+ students, potentially before they are ready. Join me: https://t.co/h9YAmqRTKO
Wait til we have a shoot out at the Capital. BoBo will probably be involved. This is one of the stupidest thing the GOP has done. https://t.co/jdfSxwFRq9