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“When you play a major role, no one expects that they will kill you.” Exclusive Interview with Aidan Turner
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Two years ago, Aidan Turner was the highlight of the Odessa International Film Festival – about his arrival in advance all knew to get through to him in a tete-a-tete was impossible, and I could not do this to someone promise to get close to the actor playing Keely closer and lick it . I have, in my opinion, asked forgiveness for it.
This year a new possible Bond came to Odessa incognito, was almost unrecognizable behind a beard and dark glasses, and even agreed to answer almost all my tricky questions. But I warn you in advance – a specific “yes” or “no” that Aidan will the new James Bond, I could not dislodge. But everything else, see for yourself:
OIFF, Aidan Turner, The Hobbit, Peter Jackson, Jim Sheridan, Poldark, BBC
– The last few months you have traveled on the festival with advertising campaigns – ” Poldark “, the new film “The Secret apocryphal.” In Odessa also come with promotional objectives?
– In some ways, perhaps, it is too promotional, but in general I came to relax and hang out, so to speak. Organizers OIFF became my friends, I really liked the city, the festival, this year, by the way, a great program – a lot of movies that I wanted to see. Actually, all this is very important festival movement around the market and the industry, but we should not be distracted from the main – view movies. I’m only here, at last, looked “Daniel Blake,” which received the Palme d’Or .
Yesterday for example, I met with Kate … I’m sorry, I’m afraid iskaverkat name …
– Molchanova ?
– Yes! He looked her film ” Fanny Kaplan ” appears. The brilliant actress, and just walking on the Festival Square and on the same impression that the rest of the audience. That’s what I like in Odessa – is a program, as a Class A festival, but actors, directors, writers are not divorced from the reality of its audience. With all you can just chat. It’s worth it, and creates a unique atmosphere. Few places in the world can still be so easy ruchkatsya all.
OIFF, Aidan Turner, The Hobbit, Peter Jackson, Jim Sheridan, Poldark, BBC
– By the way, about Odessa and directors. Your last role – Jim Sheridan in ” Secret apocryphal .” The very same Jim, who last year came to OIFF .
– Jim – a legend! I really can not say anything about the film – I have not seen him. I suspect my role cut out. It must be true, otherwise I would at least know what’s going on with the project – and I just recently heard from the press that the prime minister will be in Toronto at TIFF. And in general, my role was quite small. But I, frankly, do not care – I agreed to any role in this project: First, I’m a big fan of Sebastian Barry, author of the literary source, and secondly, to work with Jim – this is something special.
– What is special?
– Jim Sheridan – the most charismatic and cheerful person in the world, and if you had the chance to chat with him last year, you probably know yourself – it is unique. His mind, his heart and soul entirely devoted to cinema, he ponders and decides everything instantly, and very difficult to keep up with him. But it is a school of mastery for an actor – to work with a director who is always 100% see what to do. I’ve never encountered such on the set.
Quality is determined by the director, oddly enough, his wit. On the site can not be a slowpoke, you can not pull the strap – to do everything instantaneously. In this sense, Jim – a genius. Even if I’m in the film is not left, I’m still excited about this project just because it worked with him. Well, be removed from Rooney Mara always nice ( laughs ).
OIFF, Aidan Turner, The Hobbit, Peter Jackson, Jim Sheridan, Poldark, BBC
– We can talk about the project, from which your role is not exactly cut out – the year began with the premiere of ” And no one left ,” one of the biggest on the BBC recently. Almost “hu-hu-out ‘of the British film and television.
– The gigantic project, and to work with such a composition, frankly, scary. But a lot of fun, as it turned out! Charles Dance, Toby Stephens, Sam Neill – all great guys, very good with them at the site. Besides, I was shot in the project as soon as the work on the “Poldark”, and there is completely opposite situation. In series with the star cast you played the scene and immediately running to watch how colleagues work – and a lot of them. And in the “Poldark” I play almost all the scenes, I get tired of himself procedure. Plus, when you play a major role, no one expects that they will kill you.
By the way, about the murder – I remember the first day of shooting, we worked on the beach, I was shooting a scene in which my character was shot. I do not know about you, but in our first day of shooting on site – always a crowd of paparazzi. And the next day all over the internet scattered photos, which I covered in blood, shot. I myself think – well kapets same detective, murder mystery! We have just started, and everyone knows that I will be killed.
OIFF, Aidan Turner, The Hobbit, Peter Jackson, Jim Sheridan, Poldark, BBC
– On the other hand, who can now be prospoylerit Agatha Christie? And her most famous novel, “Ten Little Indians”?
– Do not tell me selfie-generation hardly read Agatha Christie, and even the previous films do not look because they are “old”. In any case, BBC this episode taught me that during the shooting you need to follow the rules of privacy and avoid the shooting key scenes paparazzi. It is difficult to build suspense and narrative, when the cast – the star of the star, and the press wants every day hundred of new photos from all angles.
– By the way, if I am not mistaken, in “And there was no one” you almost the first time playing the villain.
– Oh yeah! ( Rubbing his hands ) It’s fun. In fact, all the characters have flaws – I was playing a control-freak, neurotic, hysterical, insecure … is difficult to say whether there was at least one of my character really “positive” – and whether there is any such role? Perhaps they are not interested, and viewers. Another thing that Phillip Lombard almost no positive qualities.
OIFF, Aidan Turner, The Hobbit, Peter Jackson, Jim Sheridan, Poldark, BBC
– Why am I all this am – two years ago in Odessa, I was at your lecture …
– ( Laughs ) That’s when I could not cope with headphones for translation, and then they have me confused in her hair, then broke? Yes, it was fun!
– And you said that you find yourself as a person in each character. And that someone found in Philip Lombard?
– What a tricky question! I confess, I am now much less analyze what percentage Ross Poldark, or, say, Lombard – is Aidan Turner. I realized since then that in such introspection do not have much sense – it does not help me in personal growth. Although in order to realize the role of the screen, you need to delve into the depths of its essence, dig out the most intimate and pull out. And if you are lucky with the roles the actor, he pulls to the surface all the time for something new, good and bad, and it’s interesting.
OIFF, Aidan Turner, The Hobbit, Peter Jackson, Jim Sheridan, Poldark, BBC
– Recently, you – the most popular candidate for the role of the new James Bond in the British social networks.
– No, no, no ( laughs ). No comments yet. I can not answer any questions about James Bond. I was then killed.
OIFF, Aidan Turner, The Hobbit, Peter Jackson, Jim Sheridan, Poldark, BBC
– Okay, then let’s talk about lofty matters. You are looking well, do not look like any Poldark or the hero of “The Mystery of the Apocrypha.” Beard and hipster Dulko – this is for some new role?
– No, it was me. I’ll tell you a secret, I’m not filming. Last year, after the first “Poldark” season (which in itself – very big and tiring shooting) I was three or four projects, all considerable. I did not have any vacation. In the shooting of the second season, I arrived tired, like a dog. The first weeks were given to me and the whole crew is very difficult.
This year I decided not to repeat his mistake and do the opposite: take a vacation, rented a studio in Dublin, and paint. Butter. Pictures of the size of a wall ( embarrassed ). This, of course, self-indulgence, but I really like. I travel to festivals and watch movies (and h of the beard not know me, and I can quietly go to the shows ). And most importantly – finally get enough sleep, I can afford to sleep at least until lunch. In our profession, it is a rarity.
OIFF, Aidan Turner, The Hobbit, Peter Jackson, Jim Sheridan, Poldark, BBC
– Recently, more and more Irish actors in Hollywood. You feel one community, diaspora? Communicate with each other?
– Oh yeah! Ireland is very small, hardly more than Dublin Odessa. Is the population – about 3 million, but the actors all know each other, even if you work only in the theater.. By the way, London is huge, but it is the same situation – everyone knows each other, especially the Irish actor, 80% of whom live and work in London. And we, of course, in a sense, the diaspora – care about each other. If someone has heard something about the potential role, he will immediately notify the others. We all slept in the hard times from each other on the sofa.
– At the same time the movie industry in Ireland is also developing. In 2015 almost all the “Oscar” was Irish, you big-shot projects – the same as “Game of Thrones.” How is the overall impact on kinotusovke in the country?
– Me personally, it is not much affected, but yes, I have noticed that recently Ireland buzzing. Recent years have been constantly saturated, and almost all my friends are engaged in one project or the other. I would say the industry is finally improve, although it remains relatively small. Because before the big projects we have been, at best, once every ten years – the same as the “Braveheart”. But then introduced tax returns and any other financial instruments, in which I do not understand, and a big-budget production was more or less regular. As a minimum, the hungry among the actors has become much less – and more actors become in demand in Europe and Hollywood.
OIFF, Aidan Turner, The Hobbit, Peter Jackson, Jim Sheridan, Poldark, BBC
– Readers will not understand if I do not ask anything about ” The Hobbit .” Do you miss that shot?
– Awful miss! I’ll tell you a story – I did before filming “The Hobbit” is nowhere specifically did not happen. When I came to my parents to show off that I took on the role of Peter Jackson himself, we got a globe, and found that New Zealand – clearly on the opposite Stora globe. It was hard to leave and throw everything in the nearly three years that lasted the shooting, but now it is as difficult to be away from the guys from New Zealand, who participated in the project. Of course, there are many ways of electronic communication, but it is not the same, plus – time zones are prevented to communicate normally. My very good friends were in another hemisphere …
You probably funny to listen to this, our first problem of the world. Actors generally characterized by their ability to complain about everything. Do you know the name of a group of two or more actors? Whiners! Because we are infinitely Noah and complain. “Oh, I want that role, baa-baa-baa, I was cut from the film, bu-bu-bu, nobody loves me.” The basis of the profession of the actor – with a sad face drinking coffee and grumble. So I apologize in advance to your readers that the entire interview droned on, and now I have to interrupt.
OIFF, Aidan Turner, The Hobbit, Peter Jackson, Jim Sheridan, Poldark, BBC
“And in Odessa, I had definitely come. Here wonderful! “- Finally confessed to Aidan. That’s fine, I just left a few more questions.
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