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As of today all members of our immediate family have both vaccine doses!!! Woohoo! #getvaccinated

Yay.. Facebook Board rules to uphold the FORMER President's ban. #Justice Now.. let's charge him for instigating Jan 6 VIOLENT coup.

Looking for #Genealogy #Geography help for town in #Cornwall . Below is 1851 Census for Truro. The birthplace looks like Siminard. But I can't find any town that comes close. Anyone have a guess? Thanks. https://t.co/Qel3Hh99FY justmaryp photo

This article is disturbing. Personally I've seen through Bokhari .. I knew this is what is really is. But as Ms. Roberts says.. as we learned with Trump and National GOP - Name calling and insults is a sign that you got nothing. https://t.co/5siR0WChhb

I feel like we need to clean house in every single police force and start over. There is a sickness that is just to embedded to fix right now. This is horrible. https://t.co/Sw3qrqeD6v
Ty Rushing @Rushthewriter
This happened in @locatesiouxcity early morning Thursday.

@SiouxCityPolice were called about a drunk woman and instead did this to another patron and arrested him.

More videos and link to the full accounting from an eyewitness in the second tweet https://t.co/N0Q6IE81Nl