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Exactly.. hey @GayleKing he's not "moderate", he's not a smart person ( spreads Covid mis information) he's not "just trying to do something good". His announcement about running was full of Trump dog whistles. Stop trying to candy coat the real Dr. Oz. https://t.co/I64l2iVT7S
W Smith Ω 🧢 @WesSmith123
That Oz is on Hannity tells you everything you need to know about him. He’s a Trumper, and therefore dangerous.

"Guilty" for almost all counts are words I wasn't sure I'd hear.. but am happy that I did . #Justice
We flew to San Francisco last month to see The Eagles Hotel California tour. They weren't coming anywhere near CLT. Today - guess what.. announce Feb '22 date here. Ugh. Doubt I can afford tickets again.