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100% agree with this!! I've said for a long time: If you "fear for your life" any time you are around a person of color, you shouldn't be a cop. Period. https://t.co/il5vzMsjeN

I've got a mother of the bride dress sitting in my closet. Sometimes you have to make sacrifices. Missing a prom is better than dying from Covid. I'm sick of news stories about people mad because they are "missing out". Stop being so selfisth. https://t.co/eM19MBZkg6

Takes one to know one. SMH This only means that Trump told him to lift sanctions.. McMaster did.. gets endorsement. Watch out Henry.. it can be just as easily taken back. That's how the ex Bully in chief works. https://t.co/eUmHBYpgmY

What an absolutely stupid decision. What is wrong with these clueless GOP Governors?? Wearing a mask is such a simple request.. that can save lives!! Screw your liberties... and stay out of CLT!! https://t.co/J0gnGxIvKI

I get the GOP trying to change items in the Covid relief bill.. but what in the world will they get out of just delaying it?? Do they not realize it will help some of their constituents? It's a disgusting move. https://t.co/bT1TBQnXLd

It was strange coming to NC from New England and not seeing "3 family homes". My parents moved in to one w/ 3 kids when my father grad college. I lived in 3 different 3 family houses after graduating college. My grandparents lived in a 2 family their whole lives. I love them! https://t.co/FAbtTWmqJP
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Boston has the triple-decker, Chicago has the two-flat, and Charlotte has the fourplex (or quadraplex). Learn about the history of our particular "missing middle" housing, which is back in the spotlight with the city's controversial new development rules: https://t.co/zsDXA8zPIp https://t.co/LdFdvSw8ji