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Going through parish registers for Broughton Gifford, Wiltshire, England. This record is from 1735 - "Getting it in under the wire" LOL #genealogy #genealogyresearch #UKgenealogy https://t.co/49TPW6QN8h justmaryp photo

Thanks to @Nikki704 for giving me the idea to put @cloister_honey Whipped Cinnamon honey on my sweet potato !! Wow! Tasted like candied yams. And I got a bonus whipped Chocolate with my order. Win. Win. https://t.co/5mQzYR8F6B justmaryp photo

When I see someone deceased on the news and all they have is a crappy photo.. I always feel bad. I would hope my family could find a decent one of me. https://t.co/M1XHAdtuNt

All that @JoeBiden 's campaign has to do is show every single court ruling against #DiaperDon saying over and over "There is no widespread fraud". #WIN https://t.co/09cHC2L1Ec
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🌊 R Saddler @Politics_PR
Trump demands that Biden prove the election fraud his own lawyers cannot: β€˜He’s got a big unsolvable problem! https://t.co/KlR351BsF7 https://t.co/XDmkLpAazp