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Interesting. Just went to check out and it's a whole re-designed search feature on the site. Will be interesting to explore! #genealogy https://t.co/DG2GocGWd2

Should read "... after concerns from ANYONE with a BRAIN." https://t.co/v0YT76Bqwl

Get ready for more .. all of TN.. now that they've approved Permitless Carry. Welcome to the GOP /NRA world of guns... and it's after affects. https://t.co/EeI3LX3Iwt
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“Most horrific event in Collierville history.” One person was killed and 12 others were injured Thursday in a mass shooting at a Kroger grocery store in a Memphis suburb, police say.

More details: https://t.co/H8cFkAgKFP https://t.co/3uRr8M6uAF

I was thinking about these same questions. I was so confused when it first started.. I was looking at maps asking "How did they all get there??" It's very odd. https://t.co/4IsDsHT50i

Ohh... New Britain.. some things never change. LOL https://t.co/EsAKsZdAyy